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We offer multiple methods, various signals, tracking tools and more for one price, in one place.

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Welcome to your future.

We are DigiFunds, the first all-in-one online platform dedicated to making money online. We offer multiple methods, various signals, tracking tools and more for one price, in one place. That's right, everything you read below is completely web-based on 1 simple website.

We are in it for the long run.

Yes, we truly are in it for the long run, we are an official company, run by a team of professionals. We only hire the most experienced and proven predictors, to ensure we make the most profit as possible.

Dozens of available methods.

We offer a large amount of high-quality eBooks for you to read. All these methods are well-written, tested and are kept updated.

Premium predictions.

Only the most accurate and successful predictors are hired by DigiFunds, which result in us having a high success rate and a high profit per month. We offer sport- and crypto-signals and have hired experts in both fields.

Crypto Signals

DigiFunds works together with crypto analysts that have years of experience and a VERY high accuracy with their predictions. We have had success rate of over 90% with the received signals, meaning that we have hit 9 out of 10 of our crypto targets! Crypto signals are a mix of both short- and long-term investments.

Our signals are compatible with every big crypto-exchange, so there is no need to transfer your existings funds around to follow our predictions.

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Sport Predictions

DigiFunds has hired various experts in different fields of sports which help us deliver accurate and profitable predictions to help you make money. We have a high accuracy rate and have ended almost every month with profit up till now.

We only hire proven predictors with a high ROI, making sure that you will have a high chance of making money when you are following the predictions from DigiFunds.

Take a look at our results
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DigiFunds offers a large amount of methods to make money online and we will continue to add these over time. Our team is constantly brainstorming and discovering new ways to make money online, which we distribute on the DigiFunds platform after proper testing so you can follow them to make yourself more money!

We include autopilot methods, lazy methods and methods which require some effort but which allow you make more money than the other methods. There are methods for every type of person here on DigiFunds, as long as your aim is to make money online.

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Community and Support

DigiFunds is a (Discord) community based platform, and even though you can perfectly follow our predictions without being an active part of it, we like to celebrate and enjoy our winnings together. We have creative members sharing their own predictions with the goal to make even more money aside from our own provided bets, allowing for interesting projects between users themselves.

DigiFunds currently has over 150 active Discord users in our Discord-channel and the DigiFunds community keeps growing every day and we would love to welcome you to our awesome community too!

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Plans and Pricing

Did we convince you to join DigiFunds community? AWESOME! We love having you.

This section will show all the subscriptions that DigiFunds currently has to offer. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to activate your account (within 10 minutes most of the time).


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